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Samuel and Meg

OK, so yeah, I'm a bit picture heavy in my posts, especially when it comes to weddings, and even more so when it comes to the weddings of my family! But, here's a few, ok, a lot, of my brothers wedding pictures.

The groom and his sisters (obviously I didn't take this one!)
The Wedding Party out at Shiloh Church.
Hiding kisses from the camera...
Hiding kisses from the peepers in the church!
Everyone on a teeny little narrow road... yes, a few people got blocked
But here's the whole wedding party!
Again, my signature 'spinning bride' image
I love these 'unknown' shots.
The drink table and guest favors all in one. Each guest took home a glass of their choice!
The Cake Topper
Father-Daughter Dance
First Dance

I like to try to get one of each of the Bride and Grooms hands during the first dance, get the rings etc. 
And my usual way to end the wedding.

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SGT Samuel Thole

Love my brother! I took this on his wedding day. His one and only photography request was this picture, at our Grandpa's grave. Our WWII veteran grandpa had passed away just a few months before his wedding day.

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The Olson's

In July, I had the extreme pleasure of photographing my (little... still can't believe she's married!) cousin, M'Leigh's, wedding. It was so much fun! She married Drew Olson. Ironically enough, Drew and I went to college together at CUNE. He was a basketball player and I was a cheerleader. When she told me that she was dating him (10 years later than when I'd known him) I was really surprised!

After the ceremony, the 3 of us went to The Sunken Gardens in Lincoln Nebraska. It's a wonderful location for photography. 
 This fountain and pavestone walkway was one of the locations that I photographed M'Leigh for her senior portraits in 2005... 6 years later, here we are again!

 This spinning bride pictures is kind of one of my signature shots. I did it on a whim once, digitally painted it, and we hung it up on display immediately. Almost every bride since has requested it!

 Such a beautiful and fun couple!

Congratulations M'Leigh and Drew! Love you both!

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Digital Design

While I mostly work with photography, I recently designed a T-shirt for our family reunion. I'm not a big Illustrator user, so this took some time, as I had to learn how to use it as I designed! But, I'm pretty proud of the end results!

Front: My Grandpa, Louie, told his friend/brother/cousin (I'm not sure about this part) that he was going to go to the Shiloh Peach Farm (that my Grandma's family owned) to pick a peach and make a pair... When he talked to my Grandma, and asked her to marry him, he told her that he wouldn't be happy till there were only 26 letters in the alphabet; till u and i are one... yeah, he was a slick one :)

My Grandpa passed away earlier this year, in April. They would have celebrated 60 years of marriage in June. While he (and the rest of our family) consider an engagement to be just as permanent as marriage, just as much of a commitment, we made these as tribute shirts, as they had definitely been married via engagement for a full 60 years.

 This is the back of the shirt. I had to make several different versions, and on the one that I happened to have saved on this computer, there are 2 names missing ( I told you I was still learning! I'd deleted a line by mistake)... but, still, you get the idea. It's our Family Tree!

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Kallee and Lilly

 Kallee and Lilly are two of my favorite little sisters to photograph. I first photographed Kallee when she was 18 months old, right after I opened my studio... I'm sure I'll add some of those images at some point too! I got to photograph the girls (and later with their little brother) a few times a year, and had a great time each time I saw them. Their mom told me that they liked to play "Miss Kristi" and would walk around the house telling each other where to sit, and pretending to take pictures of the other. How can I not love that!

This particular session was at their new 'old' farmhouse. They hadn't even moved in yet, as the place needed some work, but it provided a great setting for photos!
The girls 'fishing'

 Kallee by the front door.
 Reading on the front steps.
 Kallee digging her garden.
 Trying to calm Lilly.
 A girl and her cow... now that's love!

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I'd previously posted my cousin Sara's Summer Senior Portrait Session, with a promise of more to come from her other two sessions. So, here's a few from her fall session.

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I photographed Sara's Senior portraits during several different sessions. Once during the summer, Once in the fall, and then again over New Years... She's my cousin, and lives 14 hours away, so getting to see her for all these sessions was so fun! These are a few of my favorites from her summer session. We were at our Family Reunion at Camp CILCA  for the week. I loved the fact that after she saw the first few (on the back of the camera) she said "WOW, senior pictures! Holy Cow! I'm gonna be a Senior!" It was great!
I also photographed my cousin Emmalynn's portraits at the same time (to be posted later). They wanted this image together with this particular beach towel because they'd had the same towel while growing up.

Sara is so beautiful. My oldest daughter, Kaygan, looks just like Sara's baby pictures. If she continues to look like Sara as she grows up, my husband is going to have his work cut out for him!

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Matt and Jennifer

I think this album represents the largest wedding party I've ever photographed...I think... I could be wrong! There was one that I was second shooter at in Iowa many years ago that comes to mind!
Either way, lots of fun people, lots of fun pictures! The groom and I graduated high school together, so I knew quite a few people in the wedding party!